Snagglepuss Model Sheet Original Art (Hanna-Barbera, 1961)

svicolone-model“Heavens to Murgatroyd!” Snagglepuss first appeared on the Quick Draw McGraw Show as a secondary character, called Snaggletooth. He graduated to his own cartoons for the 1961 Yogi Bear Show. He was said to be one of Joe Barbera‘s favorite characters. This is a rare 17″ x 14″ Studio hand-drawn model sheet of Snagglepuss, from the hand of Dick Bickenbach (1907 – 1994). His initial “B” can be seen in the bottom right corner. There are an amazing eight full-figure images averaging 8″ with one head shot of 2″. This is a pure piece of H-B history. Original artwork for studio published models sheets are rarely seen.

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