Space Ghostby Alex Toth (Hanna-Barbera, 1966)

space-ghost-1 space-ghost-2Space Ghost Jace and Jan Character Design/Model Sheets.
“It’s time for Spacccccceeeee Ghosssssttttt!” Space Ghost premiered on 9/10/66 on CBS as part of the Space Ghost and Dino Boy in the Lost Valley show on CBS. This is a pair of rare final character design/original model sheets of Space Ghost’s teenage sidekicks Jace (voiced by actor Tim Matheson) and Jan (voiced by Ginny Tyler). These final designs are dated April 24 and 26, 1966. Art is in ink and marker on 12 field 3-peghole animation paper, from the hand of the man who created Space Ghost, Mr. Alex Toth. There are eight images of both characters on each sheet. Detailed notes by Mr. Toth are on each sheet as well. Alex Toth (1928 – 2006) has signed his Jace Model Sheet and initialed the Jan model sheet at the end of his extensive character development notes. This is a rare look into his first-hand creation of this show.

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