The Land Before Time (Sullivan Bluth/Amblin, 1988)

The Land Before Time Color Keys (Sullivan Bluth/Amblin, 1988). Two original concept art Color Keys from the film directed by Don Bluth.
One shows a dramatic image of Sharptooth getting stuck during an attack, and is marked “Seq. 010/BG 22”. The second showcases Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, and Petrie trying to escape the aforementioned T. Rex, and is marked “Seq 010A/BG 23″. Both are mini-masterpieces measuring 8″ x 5”. Each has tape on border and pinholes in the corners. Also included is an early concept painting of Sharptooth, a nice 6″ image in watercolor and Conte crayon on 9″ x 6″ paper labeled “T. Rex”, with pinholes in corner. These concept pieces showcase the detail that went into the making of the film that started a franchise.

the-land-before 2 the-land-before 3 the-land-before

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