Hanna Barbera original drawings

Bob Hope Animation Drawing (Hanna-Barbera, c. 1970s).
This original art graphite animation drawing (produced on sideways 16 field 3-peghole animation paper) was created for an article in a TAFT Merchandising Group magazine/newsletter. Bob Hope stands 13.5″ tall, with golf club in hand. The graphic that reads “Thanks for the Memory” is the only inked in part. This is also a stripped-in paper piece that is taped in place from the backside at the time of creation. This piece is a rare look into the corporate side of Hanna-Barbera after they were purchased by TAFT.

Willie Ito – Penelope Pitstop Illustration Original Art (undated).
One of the break-out stars from The Wacky Races, Penelope got her own cartoon, The Perils of Penelope Pitstop. Here she is resplendent in all her pink pampered beauty from the hands of Willie Ito. He signed near the bottom, and marked it “Hanna-Barbera Class of ’61“. Produced in colored wax pencil over graphite on paper

Dick Bickenback Snagglepuss Consumer Products Illustration

Drawn by the great Dick Bickenback (1907-1994), this fun image of Snagglepuss (with a funny pun) was created as a clothing design for the Kendall Company.


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