Doug Wildey The Funky Phantom Concept Art (Hanna-Barbera, 1971)

Doug Wildey The Funky Phantom Concept Art (Hanna-Barbera, 1971). The Funky Phantom premiered on 9/11/71 on ABC. What many people may not have known is that early development for this show was done by none other than the comic art and animation designing legend, Doug Wildey. This is original concept artwork of Skip Gilroy, April Stewart, Augie Anderson and the ghosts — Jonathan Wellington, “MudsyMuddlemore, and his dog. It is interesting that the character design is nowhere near what ended up in terms of character appearance. This looks more like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys meeting a real ghost. Also, in the final cartoon Mudsy the Ghost, a cat named Boo, and the kids have a dog instead. The piece would have been used to pitch networks, sponsors, in-studio help and Hanna-Barbera Executives. The artwork is hand-signed Doug Wildey in bottom right corner. This gorgeous 22″ x 15.5″ original ink and marker artwork is mounted to a black 28″ x 22″ illustration board. A simply amazing piece of Doug Wildey original art.


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